5 years of SciSports

14/06/18 | SciSports

I still can’t believe what happened in the past five years. We officially founded the company from our student house in Enschede back in 2013. Three (pretty naïve) friends with a passion to discover the world of football and big data thought that they were able to change the football industry. It all started with a dream. Our dream was to build the real-life version of the game Football Manager.

Straight from the beginning, our story began to flourish as we became one of the fifty most innovative student-driven companies in the world and we won the Philips Innovation Award. We moved from our small office at the University of Twente, we traveled around the world and it seemed that there might be a slight opportunity to make an impact in the football industry.

Today we celebrate the fifth anniversary of SciSports with almost fifty employees, their beloved partners and our investors at the beautiful stadium of Heracles Almelo. We will play a match that is tracked in real-time with BallJames. This is an unbelievable milestone in the history of BallJames. The core of the company is and will always be our fantastic employees. They work day and night to make the difference as each individual wants to be the best in their particular focus area. These bright minds are the ones that inspire me every single day to make the difference.

Many people ask me where SciSports will be in five years, but this question is hard to answer. If anyone told me five years ago that we would grow into this fantastic organization, I would have declared them a fool. But, here we go. In five years’ time, SciSports will be the leading provider of real-time 3D data. We have just finished the World Cup in 2022, where we will provide the platform that enables third-parties to build live holograms and mixed reality during each match. Every individual football player, at each level in the football pyramid, will receive incredible insights in his own performance. In five years’ time, science and sports will go hand-in-hand to discover new innovations that enrich the most beautiful game in the world and will enrich the fan engagement to the edge!

I am thankful for all the help during the past five years. All our ambassadors, partners, clients and competitors helped us to chase the dream. The dream that we will enrich the football industry. Data is, and will always be, a supporting tool in the decision making process. The most complex game in the world needs human understanding of intangible aspects like perseverance, mentality and cultural fit.

The past five years have been an incredible journey and brought me more than I could have hoped for. We will continue to use our passion to discover new innovations that will enrich the football industry. We will always follow our dreams!

Sincerely yours,
Giels Brouwer, CEO and Founder SciSports