How data and analytics supports decision making in the football industry

24/01/18 | SciSports

This morning CEO Giels Brouwer was featured in the Dutch newspaper Volkskrant concerning the importance of data and Analytics in football and how data is able to support decisions in football and improve the level of players and clubs. Some highlights:

  • Advanced statistics and Analytics will support football performances and decisions
  • Data should be part of usual processes within the football industry for support and confirmation
  • The Depay case was described in detail and how SciSports supported Depay in his decision to go to Olympique Lyon. Since he is playing in Lyon his SciSkill has strongly developed
  • Data and reports of SciSports were used in over 40 transfers in 2017
  • In the current world of digitalisation only an opinion is not enough, data is able to confirm gut feeling
  • The latest and most important development of SciSports is BallJames. A fully automated 3D tracking system based on the principles of Deep learning and Artificial Intelligence is ready to release in a full league and will provide new, realtime and tailormade insights to improve the level on the pitch and enrich the engagement of supporters.

For the complete Dutch article click here.