PEC Zwolle and SciSports start cooperation

06/04/18 | SciSports

Enschede, 6 April 2018 – PEC Zwolle and SciSports agreed on a three year deal. The goal is to strengthen the scouting department with data insights. The current number six of the Eredivisie will get support from SciSports software and Datascouting services.

To strengthen the scouting department PEC Zwolle has chosen for a long-term cooperation with data intelligence company SciSports. PEC Zwolle will get access to the online platform SciSports Insight and the reports of SciSports’ Datascouts. With SciSports Insight the club gets a complete, objective and statistical substantiated insight of more than 90,000 active players worldwide. With smart search filters, alerts and the player comparison function SciSports Insight will support the club in the first phase of the recruitment process. Besides, a Datascout will work close with PEC Zwolle to support the technical staff, scouting department and managing board continuously with data insights about players, teams and other developments. The integration of data intelligence into the scouting process characterises the growth ambitions of PEC Zwolle.

Gerard Nijkamp, Technical Director at PEC Zwolle: “The cooperation with SciSports is a valuable addition to our scouting department. Through this platform we have access to almost infinite statistics from players all around the globe. This information will support our scouting department in whether or not signing a player. It’s a delight that we are able to use the data in the next three years.”

Giels Brouwer, CEO of SciSports: “The cooperation with an ambitious club like PEC Zwolle is once again great news for SciSports. I am confident both organisations will successfully work together and that we are able to support them with applicable and interesting data.”

SciSports Insight
SciSports’ online platform ‘Insight’ makes it possible to directly access information about 90,000 active players, 244 competitions and 3,698 clubs in just a few clicks. Each player within the platform has his own scores for current, potential and historical influence on the teamresult. With the availability of easy search filters and functions the platform is the ideal partner for the scouting department to operate in an effective and efficiënt way.

The so-called Datascouts are the perfect middle men between clubs and SciSports’ knowledge, software and algorithms. These specialists know how to translate the complexity into clear football language. With the coöperation PEC Zwolle secured themselves of detailed custom-made Datascouting reports about players, competitions, countries and clubs. These reports differ from own team analysis to a backgroundcheck of transfer target number one.

About SciSports
SciSports is one of the fastest growing sports analytics companies in the world and a leading provider of data intelligence for professional football organizations. The European Union selected SciSports as one of the next European Unicorns and the HYPE Foundation elected the company as the most innovative football company in the world. 

SciSports created an index (SciSkill Index) to determine the quality and potential of over 200.000 players around the globe. The index is validated and outperforms the bookmakers with an average ROI of 9,4%. Our webportal Insight gives you an efficient and clear overview of all players available at your level or potential. With easy usable search wizards as well as selection and comparison tools you’re able to stay up to date with all professional players in the world and especially the ones who meet your requirements. 

Our new, patented product BallJames is the first integrated tracking system to fully-automate the data generation of football matches, real-time and in 3D.

Our mission: SciSports uses data intelligence to understand football with the goal to improve the game of football on the pitch and enrich the fan experience of billions of fans around the globe.