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Tech how-to: Build your own expected-goals model

09/05/18 | SciSports

The fact that football is a low-scoring game in which goals are usually a poor indicator of the actual performances of the players and the teams has led to the development of several shot-based performance metrics in recent years. The most widely-adopted metric for shots is their expected-goals value, which reflects a shot's likelihood of resulting in a goal. In this tech how-to, we guide you through the process of building your own expected-goals model!

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Expected Points Model

08/09/16 | SciSports

Although it’s only mid-September and the national leagues are only several match days underway, some managers are already experiencing some backlash from the media and supporters due to an unsuspected bad start. On the other hand, several clubs are performing a lot better than people would have expected beforehand.

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Expected Goals Model 2.0

05/08/16 | SciSports

In March this year, SciSports introduced an alternative model to calculate expected goals. This new model focused on implementing the team defensive strength and individual player offensive strength into expected goals calculations. This rather limited model also included distance to the goal, angle between shot position and both goal posts and a differentiation in open play, free kick, corner and penalty chances.
The aim of previous months was to improve this model by adding relevant characteristics/parameters and to simplify the defensive/offensive strength model. A short description of this is given in this article.

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SciSports Data Analysis

Expected Goals model: an alternative approach

31/03/16 | SciSports

Goals in football matches are rather unpredictable events and the final result does not always reflect which team was performing best. To get a better reflection of the real performance of t...

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Expected Goals

18/01/16 | SciSports

Expected Goals (ExG) has recently become one of the most recurring concepts in football data analysis. In short, Expected Goals is the amount of goals a player or team is expected to score,...

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