eQuality Index

More fun and better development

eQuality Index

Using data to know the strength and quality of every grassroots player and team.

Visualisation of a football stadium at night in SciSports style used as background.

The challenge for Associations

Due to the lack of insights in the quality level of players, there is a mismatch between the strength of a team and league level.

  • Playing football on the right resistance level is key for enjoying the game and improving the skills of (young) players
  • Currently there is no (objective) index or KPI that supports the allocation of teams to leagues of the right level and often teams are assigned to a league based on results of its predecessors in the previous season
  • The process of classifying the teams to the right level of play is time consuming and often in-efficient
  • As a result of misclassification, many matches result in a large goal difference. Research shows that the joy of playing football will decrease and the skill development of (grassroots) players is low

The solution: eQuality Index

By using historic match sheet data and a unique algorithm, classification is automated which results in equal leagues for teams, leading to more fun and better development.

  • By using match sheet data (historical), we are able to support Sport Associations around the globe in the team classification process, making it more equal, objective and efficient
  • Data provider agnostic and one year of match sheet data is already proficient
  • Tackles one of the toughest problems federations need to handle: creating equal leagues
  • Complete history of every player is taken into account, no information is lost over time
  • Able to deal with players of different age categories playing in the same league
  • Applicable to Football, Field Hockey, Handball, Ice Hockey, Korfball, Basketball, Rugby, American Football and Volleyball

Royal Dutch Football Association

Creating equal leagues in grassroots football.
eQuality Index KNVB

Royal Belgian Hockey Association

A new standard in the highest divisions.
eQuality Index KBHB