GBE Points Calculator

Auto estimating football player eligibility

GBE points calculator

Premier League and EFL clubs face unique challenges in trying to sign players from outside of the UK. A Governing Body Endorsement (GBE) points-based system is now in place. SciSports is pleased to offer a calculator which can be fully integrated into the clubs' workflow.

New regulations are in effect

As of 1 January 2021, the regulations around overseas player recruitment has changed for clubs in the Premier League and EFL. In line with government policies following the UK’s exit from the European Union (EU), Football Association (FA) changes in elite football means that clubs will now have to meet certain criteria when wanting to sign players from outside of the UK.

The challenge for Premier League and EFL clubs

For players in the EU, the new regulations essentially mean that they need to fulfil the same criteria points as those outside of the continent – for example, South American players gaining a work permit in the UK. While not being allowed to sign overseas players under the age of 18, Premier League and EFL clubs can sign players 18 and over if they earn 15 points in the FA’s points-based system. Based on the points scored on the criteria mentioned in the image on the left, a player can get the following three outcomes: ineligible (< 10 points), can appeal (10 – 14 points) and eligible (>= 15 points or auto pass).

That is why, here at SciSports, we have created a GBE points calculator to provide clubs with instant estimations on a player’s eligibility. Given the changes to being able to sign both adult and youth players, our GBE points calculator takes into account the new regulations for trying to sign players under both regulations. Through an automated system that can be provided to clubs in multiple ways, this tooling can help streamline the recruitment processes of clubs in an ever-changing market for Premier League and EFL sides.

What people from the UK have to say about SciSports

The platform helps us with making more informed decisions on our recruitment and ensures that we have a recruitment department that is able to function at a high level.
Rich Hughes
Former Director of Football at Forest Green Rovers
With SciSports' platform we can support our live and video scouting with data scouting, targeting the right players that fit our style early on in their development in both domestic and foreign markets.
Paul Mitchell
Head of Recruitment at Sheffield United FC
SciSports' platform is essential in our methodological process of player recruitment, we gain time because we have prioritized much better our objectives to observe.
Victor Orta
Former Director of Football at Leeds United AFC

GBE points based on historical data

The GBE points calculator provides an estimation of whether or not a player is eligible to play in the Premier League and EFL under the FA’s current points-based system. In addition to that, the total points scored will be shown as an estimation of how many points that player will currently earn. In the case of a player scoring between 10 and 14, trying to sign that specific player would require an appeal to the FA’s Exceptions Panel. By directly applying the regulations stated by the FA, the GBE points calculator will provide up-to-date estimations of a player’s eligibility.

  • Save time in sorting out eligibility, have more time available to focus on the player’s quality
  • Estimated GBE status and points available for a massive database of 230,000+ player profiles from all over the world
  • Filter function available to search for the players matching the points within the range you selected
  • Display of both the GBE status and the build-up of the total GBE points scored
  • We make use of the official naming and regulation as determined by the FA. If the regulations change, we will act accordingly
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GBE points calculator
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GBE points calculator
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