The first and only system that tracks the movements of all players, the ball and referees in real-time and in 3D.

Visualisation of data that is measured during an football action.

The future

BallJames is the first system in the world that tracks the movement of all players, the ball and referees in 3D. The system uses multiple high-resolution cameras and advanced deep learning and computer vision technologies to generate accurate on-the-pitch data. The system works autonomously, so there is no need for human annotation in the stadium nor for sensors on the players or the ball.

The system produces results in real-time, so a coach can instantly see the results of his tactical vision on the bench, and fans can directly view some next generation statistics and tracking based visuals displayed on TV or the web.

Visualisation of player movement tracking by Ball James.
Visualisation of BallJames' value propositions.

Multiview camera system for football stadiums

› Autonomous
Fully automated recognition and tracking in the cloud, so no manual intervention or annotation is required which reduces costs and minimises the risk of errors.

› Real-time
Worldwide delivery within seconds of events actually happening on the field.

› Accurate
Tracks all movements of the players, the referees and the ball on the field during an entire match to an accuracy of inches.

› Non-invasive
No pre-game initiation or wearable technology is needed for the camera-based technology to work, allowing the players and staff to focus on the match.


› For clubs
Data can be used to analyse players and their performance, both from a tactical and physiological perspective, and for short-term (match preparation and evaluation) or longer term (scouting) gains.

› For the game
Technology can be used to assist referees in their decision-making, by including off-side detection or goal line technology.

› For media
Broadcasting and media companies can use data to enhance their experience for customers e.g. by developing advanced statistics or seconds screen apps.

› For fans
A broad range of businesses, from bookmakers to virtual reality companies, can use the data to create applications that were never previously possible.

Visualisation of BallJames' applications.

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Visualisation of data that is measured during an football action.
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