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Custom Solutions

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SciSports is one of the world’s leading companies in generating insightful analytics from football data. Our world-class data intelligence team has shown their ability to address challenging football questions with actionable insights by building smart metrics and models leveraging cutting-edge machine learning techniques operating on both match event data and tracking data.

Our team has tackled a wide range of research topics such as estimating a player’s potential ability and resilience to mental pressure, quantifying the impact of a player’s actions on the scoreline, and determining whether a player fits a particular tactical plan.

Meet our team

  • Experienced and multidisciplinary team of Data Scientists, Datascouts, Machine Learning Engineers and Software Engineers with a passion for football;
  • Over 30 years of combined data intelligence experience related to player recruitment and team performance;
  • Presented scientific papers at the most prestigious conferences in the world;
  • Extensive knowledge of event and tracking data. We can work with your data feed or our data feeds.

Top-notch analytics

Our skills

  • Rapid prototyping (supporting your gut-feeling)
  • Automation of processes (speeding up your internal process)
  • Tailored football metrics (giving you an edge over competitors)
  • Data visualization (transforming data into tangible insights)
  • Data-driven decision making (helping you to implement a data-driven strategy)


Our proof

Best Paper Awards at the most prestigious machine learning and data science conferences. These conferences include the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, European Conference on Machine Learning and KDD.

Player Chemistry research
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Contribution Ratings research
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Mental Pressure research
Choke or Shine
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Player Roles research
Get players in their Box
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