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Personalised reports about players, clubs, competitions and regions offering unique actionable insights with respect to player performances and recruitment decisions.

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Technical clarification

Our Datascouts provide clubs, agents, associations, players and other football-related parties with dedicated reports based on SciSports’ internally developed models and algorithms.

  • Well-educated employees with a wealth of football experience
  • Your question bank to gain information and new insights
  • Manufacturing of specific reports
  • Pro-active reports on development in the market

Background Check

An examination of a player’s background, club history, media profile, social media activities, career development as well as an extensive data analysis of his performances on the pitch.

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SciSkill Selection

A selection of the best players, based on filters established by the client. The SciSkill Index with parameters such as current SciSkill, potential SciSkill and development over time plays a key role in the compiling of this report.

SciSkill Selection - Allsvenskan

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Statistical Comparison

A comparison between players the client wants to investigate further. Which player on your target list fits your data profile best? Is the desired player a better choice than your current options? This report will support you in these questions by using the SciSkill Index and key statistics per position.

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Player Club Report

A selection of suitable clubs for a player’s next step in his career. Based on SciSports’ algorithms we compile a shortlist of clubs which meet the requirements for a player’s development. The report contains in-depth analysis of playing styles of clubs and managers, competition in a player’s favoured position and an explanation of several statistical key points.

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