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Match Analysis

We link game events to video, and make it easy to uncover insights from multiple games with our data-driven tools and reports. Get everything you need to stay ahead of the competition.

Opponent Analysis
event viewer + playlists

Event Viewer, Playlist & folders

Review and organize important match moments

During the game, it is easy to miss some important on-field moments. Our Event Viewer tags game events to video, making it seamless to find and review key match moments and unlock game-changing insights.

With the Playlist and Folders feature, users can easily organize and store their analysis across one or multiple matches. The effortless accessibility to pinpoint specific events and share them with players and staff will ensure that coaches and analysts at all levels of the game can save time and focus on the core aspects of their jobs.

Match Reports & Video XML

Discover how your team performed with our Match Reports and Video XML feature

Gain valuable insights into team and player performance through detailed PDF reports, easily shared among players and staff. Base your strategies on objective data and evaluations with our comprehensive Match Reports. Dive deep into team, opponent, and individual player performance for future match success. Our Match Reports offer detailed breakdowns for both home and away teams, providing specific insights for coaches to give direct and detailed feedback to players.

With the SciSports Video XML, analysts can quickly perform more in-depth video analysis. Our industry-standard XML file can be imported into all major video analysis tools, streamlining the workflow by enabling users to access relevant player and team actions at the click of a button.

match reports
game analyzer

Game Analyser

Introducing Game Analyzer, a revolutionary addition to the SciSports Match Analysis Solution. Uncover insights into Sequences and Passing structures, essential for understanding gameplay dynamics. Sequences represent continuous periods of play where a team maintains possession of the ball.

With Game Analyzer, analyze team, line, or player sequences across matches, identifying patterns and outcomes effortlessly. Dive into passing structures with interactive tools, gaining valuable insights from multiple perspectives.

Live Event Dashboard

Obtain real-time insights into player and team performance with our Live Event Dashboard, covering over 30 key events. Customize columns to focus on the metrics that matter most to you.

Access half-time and post-match reports in PDF format, available for download immediately after the final whistle. Our dynamic features provide real-time comparisons and rankings, empowering you to make informed decisions instantly.

live dashboard_1

What some of the leading soccer academies have to say about SciSports

With the tools SciSports will provide us with – which includes access to tactical analysis data and soccer-specific analysis points – we’ll be able to give critical information to top talents in our Academy from one of the best organizations in the business.
Ivan Militar
Academy Director at El Paso Locomotive Youth Soccer
Met Oval takes pride in being the first MLS NEXT Academy to partner with SciSports, a global leader in soccer data intelligence and performance analysis. Embracing cutting edge technology is ingrained in our clubs DNA as we strive to propel youth development forward with this partnership.
Nicolai Andersen
Head of Performance at Met Oval Academy
Match Analysis Flow

How it works

  1. You send us your game video & team sheet
  2. We use AI and a team of analysts to break down the game
  3. You get advanced match reports, video XML, and access to our Event Viewer & Game Analyzer


Our tool is camera provider agnostic, so we make the video delivery process quick and easy by accepting video outputs from all major camera providers such as VEO, Spiideo & Trace.

Match Analysis
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Match Analysis
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Match Analysis
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