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Supporting the nr. 3 of the World Cup 2018

How we performed and conducted services for the Belgian technical staff during the World Cup 2018 in Russia.

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The Royal Belgian Football Association chose data intelligence company SciSports to create the best possible conditions for their technical staff and players during the World Cup 2018 in Russia.

Opponent Analysis

By finishing in third place behind only France and Croatia, the Red Devils achieved their best World Cup finish in history. SciSports analysed, among other things, the strengths and weaknesses of both the Belgium team and their opponents. Let us take a look back at this exciting and innovative project.

The challenge

Much like the staff at SciSports, Roberto Martinez – Head Coach of the Belgium national team – has a fervent attention to detail. With this shared attitude a great collaboration was born. By using SciSports’ data, expertise and knowhow, Martínez wanted to minimise every risk that might occur in a match. The challenge for SciSports was to support the well-prepared Martínez with data-based additional insights on patterns, tactics and the opponent’s performances.

Image of Roberto Martínez coaching Belgium at the World Cup in Russia.

Our solution

In order to be able to support Martínez with data, SciSports had to gather and translate the relevant data into valuable insights. SciSports gathered and analysed all the match data of Belgium and their opponents from previous years. From this raw data, SciSports produced many reports that would help Martínez to tailor his tactics for the individual threats posed by each opponent. Reports that SciSports produced included analysis of goal attempts, set pieces, passing patterns, build-up play and turnovers.

What the RBFA have to say about SciSports

SciSports supported us in a very good and professional way towards and during 2018 FIFA World Cup.
Roberto Martínez
Head Coach of the Belgium National Team

The results

The most important results that are worth mentioning are the prosperous cooperation with the RBFA, and the historic third-place finish for the Belgium national team. Furthermore, it was great to see the RBFA acknowledge the value of the cooperation with SciSports. The icing on the cake was the strong performances on the field that showed the value and accuracy of our analyses.

Image of Belgian players Witsel, Kompany and De Bruyne celebrating their 3rd place at the World Cup 2018 in Russia.


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