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Datascouting Reports


A lot of clubs see the potential of data in football, but don’t know how to use it because there is just too much data. Football clubs like Chelsea and Manchester City can build an entire data department, but this is a utopia for most clubs. SciSports can bring you data intelligence as a service, so you can solve your questions without setting up an entire data team.

At SciSports, we are aware of the fact that data is just one way of gaining an advantage. We help you to let the data work for you, so you can get rid of your frustrations and do better work. In the past few years, we have done a lot of research on data intelligence and have developed reports that were useful for a lot of clubs around Europe.


The Datascouting department functions as your personal data intelligence specialist. The department provides you with data driven, football-minded advice, produced by well-educated employees with a load of football experience.

The Datascouts are the perfect middle-man for all knowledge, software and systems that SciSports offers and the language, culture and dynamic that exist in each football club. Every club is appointed its very own Datascout and at the same time gains access to the entire data scientist team and the SciSports selection management tool.

Some examples of reports

(also available separately)


In a country report, we present you with a comprehensive portrayal of a country’s football culture and structure, analyses of club affiliations and league strength and other material relevant for a thorough image of football in a particular country. With this report, clubs, agents, scouts and other parties are provided with a better understanding of the way football is set up in that nation, what is noteworthy about the country and what else to look out for.

[Country | Example report]


In a SciSkill Selection report, we examine a country or league more closely and present a selection of the best players, based on filters established by you, the client. In this report, we use our patented SciSkill Score and Potential Score to form the selections. The filters help in providing you with a specific list in order to serve your wishes as well as possible. For example, we are able compose a list of left-footed defenders under the age of 23 with the highest Potential Score in the second division of Portugal.

[SciSkill Selection | Example report]


Expanding upon the SciSkill Selection reports, this report goes deeper by focussing on specific positions, as requested by you, presenting a more technical analysis. Based on a profile (age, position, region) that you have given us, we compose a list of players that meet these conditions. Furthermore, we present important statistics, information and SciSkill values with this list, giving you the ability to compare and select players as you see fit.

[SciSkill Selection - Position |
Example report]


After a smaller selection is made, we provide you with an even more detailed player analysis. We give you a thorough statistical analysis of the remaining options. We look at their SciSkill values, the player’s role on the pitch and positional and overall statistics. This data is accompanied by personalized charts to also give you a more visual understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of and differences between the players.

[Statistical comparison | Example report]


Finally, as a choice is made, we perform an extensive background check of the selected player. We examine a player’s roots, his club history, media profile, management, social media activities as well as an extensive data analysis of his performances on the pitch and his development throughout his career. We leave no stone unturned during this research, in order to ensure that you will not be caught off guard.

[Background check | Example report]