Data delivery


Data delivery

Your source for direct access to the best football analytical models out there including the SciSkill Index, Player Roles, Contribution Ratings and Expected Goals.

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SciSkill Index

Looking for an objective and unifying player index that covers all major football competitions worldwide?

Our SciSckill Index is used for a wide range of applications, amongst others:

  • Statistical support for match, league or tournament previews or commentaries
  • Player flagging and comparing
  • Validation of bets

SciSkill, potential & development

The SciSkill Index is your perfect source for unique insights with respect to player influence, potential and development.

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Easily integrated with platforms and applications

SciSkill Index data is available through a standard system API in JSON format. The data in the API is updated daily and contains data of approximately 90,000 players worldwide.

Next to data from our self-learning algorithms, the API also provides basic player data, such as name, club, position, birthdate and more.

Dive deeper into the world of football by integrating the data from our self-learning algorithms straight into your platform and/ or application.


Unlimited access to all 90,000 players for 14 days

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Offerings range from smaller packages with access to a subset of players up to packages with full access. Please contact us for pricing based on your custom needs

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Advanced data

  • Looking for statistically derived insights in key qualities of players?
  • Curious what the data says about the playing style of a player?

Player Roles, Contribution Ratings and more..

Advanced data provides you with, amongst others, the output of our state-of-the-art algorithms that are able to determine the role and key qualities of a player based on match event data.

Other data that can be requested with Advanced Data concern Expected Goals, Expected Saves and basic statistics, such as appearances, goals, assists and saves.

Contact our team to discuss the opportunities of Advanced Data.