Career Advice

Make your next move, your best move

Career Advice

Transfers can make or break any career based on the player's transfer decision and that is why we believe that the right advice matters. Data insights provide players with the opportunity to seek out the best transfer based on important qualitative and stylistic factors.


Transfers within elite football include a whole lot of external noise, most of which does not influence the success of a transfer. With SciSports, players and agents can remove that noise to objectively focus on what really matters and have previously assisted world-class players such as Memphis Depay and Matthijs de Ligt. Industry-leading data-driven insights can help to support a career-defining move for a player.

  • Maximise the potential development for the duration of your client’s playing career
  • Every next step can make or break a career so make well-informed decisions based on key performance indicators
  • Find the most suitable career move based on a player’s quality and individual style

Transfer Advice


Through the Career Advice application, players and agents can gain an objective source of information that enhances their chances of a successful next move. Key metrics such as Potential Development, Playing Style fit and Club Status are taken into account for any selected player.

  • Which club fits best based on playing style, formation and spending power?
  • How does your player compare to prospective competitors in key areas?
  • What do you know about an interested club from a foreign country? Get the first impression of a club’s identity and recent history

What some of the leading player agencies have to say about SciSports

The SciSports platform helps me get to know and understand the player market in different countries and leagues.
Rodrigo Carvalho
Sports Manager and Business Analyst at ProEleven
By using SciSports' data intelligence we get new insights on player qualities and we are able to cover the player market worldwide.
Kees Ploegsma
Player Agent at Sports Entertainment Group
We use SciSports to detect and be alerted to emerging talent around the world. The development of potential is a relevant indicator as to our future directions.
Jonathan Maarek
Founder of Classico

Compare and find potential player destinations

The rise of data usage in professional football can make decision-making all the more important. Using data-driven insights can help you gain that competitive edge in the market and build positive relationships with parties that are using similar insights.

  • Create an honest and transparent career pathway for your client
  • Don’t be left behind in a rapidly growing area of football recruitment
  • Modern agencies use data as a key pillar in their contract and transfer operations
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Fulfill the broker role for football operations

The Career Advice application is here for flexible usage at a time that suits you. Our experience within the football industry tells us that the most successful clubs and agencies use data-driven insights in their transfer operations.

  • Gain valuable insights for all parties involved in player recruitment
  • Find potential buyers for unfavoured players
  • Find the right club fit for your player based on their wishes
  • Identify interesting loan destinations
Career Advice
monthly subscription
  • Unlimited transfer advice generation
  • Two reports per month based on selected parameters
  • Self-service (1 year license)
Career Advice
monthly subscription
  • Unlimited transfer advice generation
  • Unlimited reports based on selected parameters
  • Self-service (1 year license)