Opponent Analysis



Knowing every detail of your upcoming opponent can have a highly valuable impact on the team's performance. With SciSports, you can produce data-driven reports to provide comprehensive insights for coaching staff and players.

Opponent Analysis


Preparing for an upcoming match can have a variety of influences. From a quick turnaround since the last game to unique on-field challenges posed by the opposition, there is very rarely a set process for analysing your opponent. That’s why the SciSports app allows for the on-demand creation of reports with personalised factors based on the upcoming opponent. This includes selecting the team you want to analyse and choosing matches played by that team.

  • Create a report whenever suits your workflow best
  • Customise your report to suit the needs of the coaching staff and players
  • Make the most relevant analysis based on selected matches of the opponent
Opponent Analysis Report
formation analysis


Within our custom reports, we provide key player and formation analysis of the selected opponent. Detecting and analysing players who have considerable influence on the team’s performance can better inform the tactical plan. On a team level, we use on-ball event location to visualise how teams are organised in recent matches. Users will also find a summary of the performance of teams when using and facing a particular formation. All of this information enables a deeper understanding of the opposition and therefore provides necessary insights for match preparation.

  • Identify key players for the upcoming opponent
  • Use data-driven insights to better inform coaching staff and players
  • Get insights into the tactical organisation teams


Our on-demand reports provide a detailed overview of attacking & defensive patterns of a team with visual highlights of preferred action areas and weak zones. Our analysis of multi-match passing patterns showcases the tactical organisation and preferred attacking shape of a team. Focussing on these key areas helps better inform coaching staff and players on what they can expect from the upcoming opponent.

  • Prepare for attacking and defensive organisation of the opposition
  • Get a powerful and insightful network analysis
  • Benchmark against all teams across the season
attacking patterns
set pieces_NEW


Our data-driven Opponent Analysis reports, provide in-depth insight into the main game principles and set-piece trends of your next opponent. By using the frequency of different on-field actions, we offer a comprehensive breakdown of the playing style of a team split into three categories – build-up, chance creation and out of possession. We know that set-pieces can often decide the outcome of matches. From analysis of penalties, free-kicks and corner-kicks, our report shines a light on where the upcoming team could be a danger from set-pieces.

  • Analyse playing style in selected matches to find recurring trends
  • Understand where the opponent is most dangerous from set-pieces
  • Provide ready-made visualisations to coaching staff and players
Opponent Analysis
Season deal
unlimited reports
  • Season long Opponent Analysis reports based on selected parameters
  • Upfront payment
  • Self-service module (1 year license)