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SciSports' recruitment solution helps scouts and agents to be prepared for the upcoming transfer windows. By providing the tooling to search, screen and compare players based on custom parameters you won't miss out on the best options for your team or agency.

Software to find your next best signing

The SciSports Recruitment solution uses data intelligence to provide actionable insights on more than 180,000 players, 250 leagues and 3,700 clubs around the world. Advanced data metrics offer insights into the (potential) skill level, playing style and performance of every player on an individual basis. The platform is the ideal partner for football professionals to stay ahead of the competition in the transfer market, whether that is through filtering by age, league, region or any other filters available – clubs and agencies can find their perfect solution.

Player flagging and shortlisting

Do you want to focus on the players that are worth your time and effort? SciSports provides extensive filter functionalities to make sure you are able to separate the wheat from the chaff in the first stage of your scouting process. By selecting criteria such as skill, potential and development over time in combination with descriptive information like age ranges, nationalities and contract end-dates you can easily map out entire leagues or regions. The remaining players are ready to investigate further with video scouting and/or live scouting.

Translating your philosophy and style of play into custom search enquiries

Working from a clear strategy, football philosophy and preferred style of play? We are able to support you in translating this into a data framework per player and position in the line-up. Selecting the right parameters and performing similar searches based on the profiles of world-class examples, our consultants are here to help you out!

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Data-driven player profiles

Get digital entrance to all professional players around the globe. SciSports’ app grants access to a database of over 180,000 up-to-date player profiles with data insights. Advanced metrics with respect to a player’s (potential) skill level, playing style and performances are presented in an easy to consume way to get a first impression of a player.

Validate player tips from your network at a glance

Do you experience an information overload because of all the player tips you receive on a weekly basis? Screen player profiles based on your own standards before going in too much detail, resulting in less waste of valuable time.


The SciSports platform has the functionalities available to set a potential reinforcement against a club’s current player in any given position. This could be possible when searching for the next top goal-scorer or perhaps examining a shortlist of five potential left-back targets. No matter what a user is looking for, the platform has wide-ranging options to help compare those players with added contextual information.

By covering players in over 250 different leagues around the world, our database offers a wide range of possibilities. Most importantly, though, the platform can be tailored to the user’s specific requirements through player comparison. Get comprehensive access to tools that help in comparing players from different leagues with general career statistics, data-driven insights and much more. By using these functionalities, you will have all the tools that you need to make the best-informed decisions when it comes to choosing between multiple players in the decision-making process.

What people in the field have to say about the SciSports platform

SciSports' platform is a perfect tool in our recruitment process to combine visual scouting with data driven scouting.
Florian Maurice
Technical Director at Stade Rennais
SciSports' platform is essential in our methodological process of player recruitment, we gain time because we have prioritized much better our objectives to observe.
Victor Orta
Director of Football at Leeds United AFC
Partnering with SciSports allows us to enhance our workflow and expand our scouting range to gain a greater insight into current markets and afford entry into new ones.
Bjarki Már Ólafsson
First Team Analyst & Scout at Al-Arabi SC
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