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SciSports' recruitment solution facilitates in finding your next best signing by providing the tools to search, screen and compare players based on your criteria.

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Find your next best signing

SciSports’ platform offers actionable insights into the quality, potential and influence of every player, supporting football experts in their decision making process. The platform can suggest viable transfer targets and identifies talent at a young age by calculating their potential. With the ability to apply easy search filters and -functions, it is the ideal partner for football professionals to stay ahead of the game.

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A new scouting area

Scouting in football is developing fast and you can’t fall behind as a professional. Modern-day football clubs make extensive use of data in combination with live scouting and video scouting to rank higher on the league table and make more profits on the transfer market.

Why Us

  • Only platform to compare player across different leagues
  • 360-degree player view for all players around the world
  • Validated and award-winning metrics
  • Data scientists and football experts to help you to become more data-driven

Our Proof

  • Transfer performance success: On average 41% increase in successful transfers
  • Transfer financial success: On average 42% increase in profit per transfer
  • Efficient decision making: Saving time and money
  • Validation of player tips: Player assessments at a glance
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What people in the field have to say about the SciSports platform

SciSports' platform is a perfect tool in our recruitment process to combine visual scouting with data driven scouting.
Florian Maurice
Technical Director at Stade Rennais
SciSports' platform is essential in our methodological process of player recruitment, we gain time because we have prioritized much better our objectives to observe.
Victor Orta
Director of Football at Leeds United AFC
We’ve been utilizing SciSports for a little while now, and it is clear that it will help us evolve in our scouting and recruitment process.
Daniel Egner
Technical Director of Real Salt Lake
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