Performance Analysis

The smartest physical and tactical data insights

Performance Analysis

SciSports enables your performance staff to analyse and report the wealth of data coming from your team's matchdays and training sessions in an efficient manner.

The toolkit to boost your performance

SciSports’ software allows you to combine multiple tracking and event data streams with custom parameters to create AI-driven actionable insights. By including both physical and tactical analysis, reporting and visualisations, SciSports provides your staff with the toolkit to maximize the performance of your team and players.

Physical analysis

Do you want to analyse accelerations and decelerations per player, game and over time, defining the parameters you need and reporting in your format and style? SciSports’ accurate software allows you to interpret individual and team performance indicators such as pace, high intensity runs and distance covered without losing its sight on presenting it in the appropriate way.

Creating your custom framework for reporting

If you already have sufficient data available, SciSports will convert all data to a standard format so you can start using our standard reports. Need help to define what you would like to see and analyse or what the parameters should be for physical performance measurement? Our consultants are always willing to help you out.

Tactical analysis

Get access to actionable insights about the execution of your coaching staff’s tactical plan by analysing elements such as counterpressing, dribble impact and distance between the lines. Straightforward tactical features which can be used real time, post-match or directly after training to improve player and team performance.

Bring decisive moments alive with synced video clips and cutting-edge visualisations

Players decide on their next action in a split-second, did the player make the right decision? Which other options were available? How well was the action executed? The SciSports software visualises these key moments in a 2D event viewer with synced video footage. These insights allow for a deep understanding of the choices made at various moments during play.


Store, monitor and analyse your information in one single place. Our software is data provider agnostic and running in the cloud. We are already connected with many data providers (e.g. ChyronHego and Inmotio) and are open to explore new requests.

Our app empowers:

  • Combination of tracking and event data for deeper analysis
  • Synchronization of data and video to review events in-depth
  • Bridging the gap between matchdays and training grounds
  • Export functionalities for detailed analysis with 3rd party tooling

What people in the field have to say about SciSports' work

SciSports stands out as a customer focussed company with a high level of service. As part of our league-wide Eredivisie deal, I’ve experienced their expertise and creativity to transform raw performance data into actionable insights, both for improvement on the pitch and for commercial purposes.
Marc Rondagh
Business Development Manager at the Eredivisie CV
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