Job openings


Just like football clubs, SciSports is always looking for the right talent. If there is no job opening in your specific range of qualities, please tell us why it still is a good idea for us to get you in our team. A lot of SciSports team members joined our startup after showing that they were the absolute best and had the SciSports DNA. Never hesitate to share your ideas and get in touch. 


At SciSports, we don’t care about your background. We care about the fire in your eyes, the passion in your heart and the will to unlock your full potential. If you want to be the best and have the dedication to become the best, SciSports can be the right company for you. SciSports grows fast and only the best can keep up with that speed. Only last year, we’ve grown from 11 to 46 employees. If you believe you have what it takes to keep up with our game, let us know as soon as possible and send an email to our HR department (

Job openings

We are currently looking for a Backend Engineer. Want to know more? Read the job description below:
Job opening - Backend Engineer (click to open)

We are also looking for specialists in the following fields. These job descriptions will follow shortly.

- BallJames Core Programmers (C/C++)
- System Administrator
- Operational Manager BallJames
- Deep Learning experts
- Research Scientists