SciSports’ Work Praised In The Media By Several Clubs

14/08/17 | SciSports

SciSports is constantly focused on providing the best services for its clients. Whether it’s looking for the best potential new club for a player or providing an in-depth analysis of an upcoming opponent, we always aim to help our partners reach a higher level. Recently, three of our clients discussed the (positive) role SciSports played in their daily work.

Important Information
Late July, John Stegeman, head coach at Heracles Almelo, talked in an interview with regional paper Tubantia about the difficulties in building a new squad after the departures of a few important players. While the club and trainers talk with potential new purchases and colleagues, SciSports will draw up a report with additional important information. “We check every aspect of a player. For example, what did they post on social media recently? If there are things there that doesn’t match with us, that could be a reason to look elsewhere.”

Read the full interview with John Stegeman (in Dutch) here

Potential Successors
Also in late July, Sonny Bosz, scout at Vitesse, expanded on his work for the Arnhem club and how SciSports helps him and his colleagues find new players. “SciSports is a company that gives us advice based on data. If we are optimistic about a player, we let them take a look at him as well. This happened with the transfer of Tim Matavz, for example. We factored in a possible departure of Ricky van Wolfswinkel. That’s why we asked SciSports to analyse several potential successors for us.”

“With the help of heatmaps, SciSports can show us exactly if a player is a similar type [to Ricky van Wolfswinkel]. With our own observations, we can get a decent impression of a player’s style, but with SciSports we have a way of verifying that perception.”

Read the full interview with Sonny Bosz (in Dutch) here.

A Combination of Traditional and Modern Scouting
Finally, at the start of the transfer window in July, Dutch First Division club Go Ahead Eagles announced the signing of Canadian left back La’Vere Corbin-Ong. SciSports supported the Deventer club in finding players suited to their preferred player profile. Technical manager Dennis Bekking: “From the playing style we prefer, a few aspects came up. Things like attacking mindset, speed, stamina and the ability to go forward. After several statistical analysis, the La’Vere’s name kept showing up.”

“The signing of La’Vere is the result of a combination of traditional and modern scouting. We are pleased that this has led to filling in a specific position in a manner that suits the style we strive to play at the club.”

Read the full announcement of La’Vere Corbin-Ong (in Dutch) here.

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