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Customise your scouting

Club Index

Bring your footballing philosophy to life by identifying players that perfectly fit within your unique and fully customised player profile for every position.

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Link the club philosophy to your scouting

Does a player have the quality to play in a particular position for my club? SciSports have built the Club Index to help answer this question.

The process starts by translating your footballing philosophy into specific player attributes and key strengths per position. Our football and data experts will then guide you through converting this from football language to SciSports metrics.

Clubs and agencies can now efficiently find players who match their DNA in a cost-effective way through data-based scouting.

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Client-tailored implementation

Through the Club Index, customers can create their own custom metrics that will remain exclusive to them. Users can bring their footballing philosophy to life by creating position specific profiles for the different roles in their squad.

Once the positional profiles have been defined, we will work with you to co-create your Club Index per position using information that is important for each position. Your scouting can now be focussed only on relevant player attributes & metrics that are weighted based on their importance for that role.

You can use our intuitive, easy-to-use, Recruitment application to start digitally scouting over 270,000 players from around the world. You either check to see exactly how well a player fits within your custom-built profile for a specific position, or instantly filter players who score above a certain club fit score.


Do you already work with existing data providers or tools to create your own indexes? No problem! SciSports provides an industry-first solution to combine your in-house developed metrics and external data sources with Custom Metrics.

This way you can simplify your workflow by reducing the different tools you use and create a single source of truth that is ready for consumption by your entire scouting team.

Your staff can focus on developing models & insights rather than being tasked with managing multiple softwares & apps, data warehousing and machine learning operations.

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Club Index
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