We are proud to assist the Royal Belgian Football Association towards and during the World Cup in Russia

02/05/18 | SciSports

Enschede, 2 May 2018 – The Royal Belgian Football Association has chosen SciSports to perform and conduct services for the RBFA based on its data intelligence, expertise and knowhow.

RBFA has decided to use SciSports’ expertise and knowhow to perform and conduct services in the preparation towards and during the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

The addition of SciSports’ data intelligence fits in the aim of the Royal Belgian Football Association to create the best possible conditions for the technical staff and their players towards and during the World Cup.

Roberto Martínez, Coach of the Belgium national team: “SciSports supports us in a very good and professional way towards and in Russia.”

Giels Brouwer, CEO of SciSports: “In times that I am sad about the Dutch missing the World Cup in Russia, it makes me proud that SciSports is present on the highest level of World Football. In addition to the collaboration with International and also Belgium clubs it is a great next step for us to actually work with the Belgium Football Association.”

About SciSports
SciSports is one of the fastest growing sports analytics companies in the world and a leading provider of data intelligence for professional football organizations. The European Union selected SciSports as one of the next European Unicorns and the HYPE Foundation elected the company as the most innovative football company in the world (2017).

SciSports created an index (SciSkill Index) to determine the quality and potential of over 200,000 players around the globe. Our web portal Insight gives you an efficient and clear overview of all players available at your level or potential. With easy usable search wizards as well as selection and comparison tools you’re able to stay up to date with all professional players in the world and especially the ones who meet your requirements.

Our new, patented product BallJames is the first integrated tracking system to fully-automate the data generation of football matches, real-time and in 3D.

Our mission: SciSports uses data intelligence to understand football with the goal to improve the game of football on the pitch and enrich the fan experience of billions of fans around the globe.