The football data intelligence platform that provides direct access to a broad array of actionable insights, supporting football professionals to stay ahead of the game.


SciSports’ platform offers actionable insights into the quality, potential and influence of every player, supporting football experts in their decision making process. The platform can suggest viable transfer targets and identifies talent at a young age by calculating their potential using advanced machine learning algorithms. With the ability to apply easy search filters and -functions, the platform is the ideal partner for football professionals to stay ahead of the game. It enables you to understand the key qualities of every individual football player.

Insightful analytics from football data

We address challenging football questions with actionable insights by building smart metrics and models.

SciSkill Index
SciSkill is the first and only algorithm to apply artificial intelligence to assess the quality and potential of every professional player in the world.
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Player Roles
Traditional football statistics provide an overall impression of a player’s general level, but they often fail to provide deep insights into a player’s style of play. The Player Roles module bridges this gap.
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Contribution Ratings
Most traditional football statistics fall short as they focus on rare actions. To address this shortcoming, the Contribution Ratings module values any type of player action based on its impact on the scoreline.
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What people in the field have to say about the SciSports platform

SciSports' platform is a perfect tool in our recruitment process to combine visual scouting with data driven scouting.
Florian Maurice
Head of Recruitment at Olympique Lyonnais
SciSports' platform is essential in our methodological process of player recruitment, we gain time because we have prioritized much better our objectives to observe.
Victor Orta
Director of Football at Leeds United AFC
We use SciSports’ platform on a daily basis, as it gives us quick and easy access to an extensive source of information with respect to the quality, development and potential of players.
Martin Przondziono
Managing Director Sports at SC Paderborn 07

Dedicated data-driven reports

We offer a wide range of data-driven reports. The reports are generated by our Datascouts and are used to improve recruitment decisions, career strategy and player/team performance.

  • Tailor made reports
  • Data-driven insights
  • Advice by trained data experts

The recruitment and development process

Directors, managers, analysts and scouts can no longer only work with just their eyes and gut feeling. There is a growing need for accurate data and new insights to avoid wasting time and money. SciSports’ platform acts as an assistant to the scouting, recruitment and data analysis teams, supporting them in spending their time and resources in an efficient and goal-oriented way.

It is therefore our goal to support football professionals in their decision making by providing football data intelligence  for each stage of the recruitment and development process.

Visualisation of recruitment and development process

Unique search opportunities

The platform provides unique club-specific filter tools that allow football clubs to identify the players that best suit their needs. Looking for a talented central defender with an expiring contract? You can identify interesting prospects that fit your criteria with a few clicks on our platform.

With the availability of future and historic insights, download functions, shortlists and cutting edge visualisations, its the ultimate platform to enrich your current workflow.


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